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January 1, 2018

Zika: the essence of the hoax: analysis

February 16, 2016

Zika: the essence of the hoax: analysis

February 16, 2016

Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next

February 3, 2016

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Zika Hoax: five things that will happen next

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2016

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Microcephaly = babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

In previous articles, I established that the Zika virus uproar is a hoax. There was no reason to assume the number of Brazilian cases of microcephaly was extraordinary. There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with microcephaly.

My previous quote:

“Now we have a January 27 Associated Press story out of Rio, published in SFGate: ‘270 of 4,180 suspected microcephaly cases confirmed.’ That’s called a clue, in case you’re wondering. Of the previously touted 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the actual number of confirmed cases so far is, well, only 270. Bang. But wait, there’s more. AP: ‘Brazilian officials said the babies with the defect…

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22,000 nurses across America refuse to s

January 30, 2016

Time to stop my daily posts

November 28, 2015

Eav Daily Tips


changingAfter almost 2 1/2 years , with a break in between, its time to move forward.

Regarding todays situation and people who followed my daily post, its time to stop this thing.

I will not delete this blog because there is enough information for newstarters to read, but can’t find the time anymore  to create my daily post regarding best newstarters.

Best and see you around,



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California’s Environmental Protection Agency to Put Four Pesticides on Cancer List

September 13, 2015

Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event – FAQs Frequently Asked Questions #EAv #FullMoonEngageMe

August 23, 2015

Looking forward to it

The enigma of Ino and Bacchus

June 30, 2015

Willunga History News

Contributed by Dr. Paddy O’Toole

When visitors enter the Willunga Slate Museum, they are often bemused by the slate relief entitled Ino and Bacchus. The common reaction is “Surely that isn’t slate”. But Ino and Bacchus is indeed carved from slate, and as we trace the delicate lines of the work, we have to wonder at the skill and inspiration that enabled the creation of this beautiful piece from such a demanding material.

 Ino and Bacchus, Mark StaniforthPhotograph courtesy of Mark Staniforth.

In Roman mythology, Bacchus was the child of the god Jupiter and the mortal Semele. Semele was tricked by Juno, Jupiter’s jealous wife, into demanding to see Jupiter in his real form. No mortal could withstand the sight of Jupiter in his godly splendour and Semele perished, as mortals who had congress with the gods tended to do. Ino, Semele’s sister, raised Bacchus as her own after Semele’s untimely death.


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Jun 07 My daily investment tips today for Empire Avenue #EAv !

June 7, 2015

Thanks Gerrit

Eav Daily Tips

My today’s daily investment tips are based on:

1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

2/ Interesting newstarters who are on there way, to the 7th Day .


1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

Buying them now could save you a substantial amount of eaves, before they turn for their first time and in future! Normally newstarters will roll/turn around their Daily close at 13:00 UTC (GMT) and their first Share price correction at 14:00 UTC (GMT)…. My Daily tips will starts with higher divs normally and great potential, to grow much faster then most other newstarter accounts.

Around there 7th day there shareprice will be between 80 and 100 and the 3 or higher star rated mostly above 100!

EA Link Current Share Activity 18.99 ***

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