The prettiest scenery in Australia, but a financial disaster…

Beautiful piece

Willunga History News

Willunga, 1850, sketch by Edward Snell. Willunga, 1850, sketch by Edward Snell.

Edward Snell (1820-1880) was an engineer, surveyor, artist and diarist. He arrived in Adelaide in November 1849, lived in Adelaide, and traveled extensively through the surrounding areas , then moved to Melbourne in 1852 to work as an engineer before returning to England in 1858.

In February 1850 Edward Snell and a friend Edwin Dowden took on a business venture, peddling food and tools which they bought in Adelaide, loaded on their horse and cart and sold to farms between Adelaide and Willunga. He describes the journey as follows:

12th February     Weighed out 33 4lb parcels of sugar and put it up in paper bags…

13th     Got up pretty early – oiled the wheels of the cart- packed the goods in it and about 11 o’clock started south on our first peddling expedition Our first two essays were unsuccessful, the 3rd house…

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