Be Yourself, but Don’t Overshare

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A rise in team-based workplaces has heightened the demand for managers who are “authentic” and “instantly intimate.” But sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences at work can sometimes backfire.

Here are a few pointers for effective—and authentic—self-disclosure:

Consider relevance.
Before sharing personal information, ask yourself if it’s germane to the situation. Make sure it contributes to the overall goal of building trust and engendering better collaboration.

Understand the context.
Some societies are more inclined than others to disclose personal information. Investigate regional and organizational norms about sharing so that you’ll know when it’s best to keep quiet.

Delay or avoid very personal disclosures.
In some workplaces, you will eventually find it safe and helpful to share; in others you’ll realize it’s unwise to do so.

Adapted from “Be Yourself, but Carefully,” by Lisa Rosh and Lynn Offermann.

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