How to survive job interviews

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How to survive job interviews: expert advice

How should you tackle tricky questions and stand out from the crowd? We round up our experts’ advice on successful job interviews Share 0 inShare0 Email Martin Williams, ) Potholes roadsign How can you avoid the pitfalls of job applications?  Be prepared Clare Whitmell is a Guardian contributor and a qualified business communication trainer: “The job advert and person specification will probably give you clues about areas the interviewer will be interested in. Role play these with a friend so you get used to talking about yourself and tying together your experience and background with the job specifics. “It’s also worth practising how you enter a room. It sounds corny, but ask someone to give you feedback on those initial, vital few seconds.

Do you look nervous or confident?

Do you smile or look terrified?

Do you look as if you…

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